Substitute FB thread…


So, Gaddafi is winning, by using the desert (he has probably been reading up on his Rommel), and Assad, defiant, is protecting his southern approaches with machine-gun nests and No Entry signs.

So, what if Israel attacks through the Golan Heights and France deploys the Foreign Legion to protect Cyrenaica? How will arch-enemies the House of Saud and Iran’s Council of Guardians react?

OK. Doomsday scenario, based on the flimsiest, or indeed no, evidence. But, this is Facebook(!) and the question is “What’s on your mind?” – and I’ve answered it…


[For an unknown reason, wasn’t possible to make this post on Facebook – second time a post on FB has gone wonky for me, of late.]











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  1. Unearthly Vapour says:

    Picture is of ancient Cyrene (also a beautiful name for a girl).

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