seems to be all about getting a minor hang of


to make colours and fonts and whatnot.

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10 Responses to Test.

  1. However, they still haven’t given me my blog mugshot. BUT, having poked around, I quite like WordPress.

  2. Jim Baker says:

    Better than mine, and I did not have to log in for it!

  3. magi fowler says:

    Hi William – see you have chosen twenty ten as your page – rather than the newer one twenty eleven – me too – tried to figure out the second one but had me baffled – as does most of WordPress. Like your anthacite blog – although not a subject I am very much into.
    I have a hard time with understanding WordPress but found a really good simple book for beginners on ebooks – WordPress to Go by Sarah McHarry – she explains widgets and things very simply and also the difference between a Page and a Post which had me baffled for quite a while.
    Anyway congrats on getting it up – Whoops – better rephrase that – on getting started on your website. Have you had a look at mine yet?

    • Thanks, Magi! Yes, I was a long time last night fudging HTML, to put up my anthracite pics with the right sort of captions, as I found the ‘visual’ mode a bit shaky. I will certainly check that book, and also try to tap a bit out of one of my daughters, who had to learn HTML as part of her recent uni course. But all of the colourful letters at top were just pasted from Word. Pure cheat!

      • Ah! http://wordpress2go.com/ wants $6.11. I think I may just take the rough road…!!!!

      • magi fowler says:

        Only paid about $4 for mine from Amazon… Not had much luck with pasting from Word – see part of my ‘using words’ blogs – goes it’s own way in fonts about half way down – thought bugger it after a few tries – and will only let me put one pic into a page – as you say lets get on with the hard road…

  4. Saw that (font aberration! – I have an unmoderated comment there, I think). Using ‘visual’ I couldn’t get my anthracite pictures to behave, so used this for each one, in HTML mode:

    <dl class="wp-caption aligncenter"><dt class="wp-caption-dt"><img class="wp-image-XX " src="https://williamlambton.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/img-XXXX.jpg" alt="" width="641" height="480" /></dt><dd class="wp-caption-dd">XXXXXXXX</dd></dl>

    where XX is WordPress’ image reference number for my image, XXXX is my image number/name as uploaded and XXXXXXXX is the caption. I got the code from my first image, which behaved properly, and then just repeated it. A bit fiddly, as one had to get WordPress’ image number by unploading subsequent images in their default manner and reading the HTML for that, thus getting the number, then putting the right code in the right place, before adding that number and the other detail, and then deleting the default upload. I am sure there’s another way!!

    I’ll be back for a longer, and unpressurised, look soon enough. The coal pictures were needed for something Monday (which I think you’re about half way through right now; we’re barely an hour into it here – 01.11GMT).

    • Obviously, the link in that code won’t work, as I have no picture called “XXXX”!! I just had some bother posting the code, in fact. It ran. To stop that, you stick, in square brackets but without the inverted commas, “sourcecode” just above it, then, also in square brackets and without the inverted commas, “/sourcecode” just below it. See: http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/posting-source-code/. ‘Tis all part of the “rough road”, Magi…. (I had to write “in square brackets” and not use them as that bit of code, directly quoted, ran too!!!!)

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